Carnival makeup: ideas and tips for eyes and face

Undecided about this year’s carnival makeup? We reveal the right tips and some ideas to create an effective one!

For lovers of colours, laughter and disguises, carnival is certainly the most awaited party of the whole year. Sometimes you don’t need a flawless dress or a realistic wig, the secret to the perfect disguise is carnival makeup! Make-up can really transform us into something else: into a fairy, a cat, an Indian … the limit is only our imagination! Let’s find out some carnival tricks for women (but also perfect for the little ones)!

Carnival eye makeup

Before starting with some advice you need to decide the final goal. The look is the most important part of the whole costume and, with the right colors and brushstrokes, it can express much more than the rest of the costume, without necessarily being difficult to make.

Advice? To experiment! We give you a foundation but to get the result you want there is nothing more effective than standing in front of the mirror and working until you are satisfied with the result.

As a basis there is always the pencil, eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow. After choosing the disguise go to select the colors that are right for you and start “painting”. For make-up to be effective it must be clearly visible and, to obtain an excellent result, eyeshadow is your winning weapon. Smokey eyes is the most popular technique to not go unnoticed, but also a careful use of eyeliner and pencils to delineate the contours well can make the difference. Starting from the eyes you can design an effective and fun mask, it will then be up to you and your skills to add colors and details.

Examples of carnival makeup for the face

Not only the eyes, the rest of the face is decisive, it outlines the character and makes the disguise practically concluded. Again, our very first advice is to be patient and try, try, try. The examples from which to take inspiration are many, you can choose to make up your face with the appearance of an animal, reproduce a mask with make-up pencils directly on the skin, or imitate some cartoon character.

For cat makeup, you just need a black pencil, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and black eyeshadow (for those who prefer smokey eyes, you can blend the eyelid with light eyeshadow on white or gray). Even for Indian carnival makeup the steps are not difficult at all. In this case you will only have to work with extreme precision to make lines as straight as possible and without smudging that draw a colored strip that crosses your gaze.

Then there is the Minnie make-up: in this case you should add an inevitable accessory (a nice headband with Minnie ears and a small red bow with white polka dots). The eyes won’t have a great chromatic pop, you’ll have to add a nice black nose, a generous touch of blush and a nice lipstick: even a mustache could be suitable and even a couple of freckles to complete the work.


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