About Me

Foremost Makeup Artist in Bullard

Make Up Artists, Face and Body Artists — Pink Pit Bull Productions is always the life of the party. From Panels at your favorite Comic Cons to Live Demos and Private Events. Jennyfer Keohane has been in the industry for over 25 years working in theatre, stage and film. You can book an appointment via ...

A Proven Track Record

With clients including corporate holiday parties and local private parties, Pink Pit Bull Productions's high-energy interactive entertainment is sure to bring — not just fun — but professionalism and experience to your event.

Event Consultation

Schedule an event consultation with Pink Pit Bull Productions. Together, you can figure out your entertainment needs. You will also get tips on what to do to make your event shine. Pink Pit Bull Productions can give you a heads up on what planning pitfalls to avoid.


  • By appointment only
  • Family-owned
  • Female-owned
  • Handcrafted
  • Debit & Credit cards accepted