Rescue and Non Profit Work


Rescue and Advocacy

Fifteen years ago we rescued our first Pit Bull.  He was found on  a road in Grand Prairie, Texas notorious for being a dog fighting dump site.  This was the beginning of our fight against BSL(Breed Specific Legistlation) and animal abuse.  Bully Breeds are one of the most abandoned and are the most euthanized canine in the United States.  They are the number one choice for illegal dog fighting operations.  These dogs were once known for their loyalty and their service, however, they are now under constant attack from uneducated media professionals and attention hungry legislators needing a quick and easy target.  Sgt. "Stubby" was a bully breed who is credited for saving  over 100 soldiers during World War I.  Currently there are multiple drug and seizure K9 officers who happen to be Pit Bulls or Bully Breeds working in the United States.  K9 officers like Chaka, Dakota, and Popsicle work very hard to keep our streets safe while dispelling misinformation about their breed and dogs like them.  We will continue to fight the stereotypes and discrimination of dogs labeled as Bull Breeds as well as work towards advocacy and education through our networking opportunitues.  Together we can fight discrimination of the American Pit Bull Terrier and its relatives.  Follow our efforts at


Reptile and Exotic Rescue Efforts

Over twenty years ago I moved to Texas from Brooklyn New York to go to college.  Growing up I had horrible allergies and the only pet I thought I could own was a reptile.  That brought me to my first rescue, Jezybelle.  Jezy was a Green Iguana abandoned at a local pet store.  She was missing half of her tail and was scarred badly.  She was small for her age at only three feet long and just a little anti-social.  I worked very hard to learn everything I could about iguanas.  Her first cage was over six feet tall and four feet wide.  It was hard to find a knowledgable veterinarian, so I spent many hours educating myself.  Finding a pet sitter was even harder.  I became known for taking my iguanas for walks in the park and even shopping.  Now many years later I work in costumes and training my reptiles to keep them as social as possible at events.  The Disapproving Dragon and Family is our reptile page.


Donation and Non Profit Events

Many events we work at are run by local non profits and animal rescues.  At these events a percentage of our profits go directly to the organization,  

To date we have donated to organizations such as:

Pets Fur People

SPCA of East Texas

Operation Kindness

Rock A Bully

Burgers for Aspergers

The Center for Affordable Prosthetics 

and many more....